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Lose weight, get stronger, and achieve your athletic potential. The coaches at Plaza Fitness Performance help you achieve your goals either in a personal or semi-private setting. Our safe, effective, and results-driven program is customized to your abilities and objectives. Emphasizing Kettlebell training, metabolic intervals, and nutritional guidance, our coaches inspire you to Push hard, Defy doubt, and Find your Strength.  Plaza Fitness Performance is a RESULTS center…if you aren’t following a legitimate program that provides unbelievable results….you need to make the switch to Plaza Fitness Performance.  

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This week’s personal performance records include Kristen Heyde’s 225 lb. deadlift and 20 kg press, Eric Mishkin’s 355 lb. deadlift, Dan Berry’s 225 lb. deadlift, and Janice Lee’s 20 sec Plank.  Coach Hicks, Nark, and Demetriou attended the Nick Winkleman Human Performance Seminar and we have implemented our Summer Slim Down and Paleo Diet program through August.  

If you aren’t involved in our unique programming, take a look at our promotions and begin your journey. 

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