Find Your Strength


Plaza Fitness Performance sparks results!

Lose weight, maximize your strength, achieve your athletic potential, or improve your functional movement. Plaza Fitness Performance helps you achieve your goals. Our safe, effective, and results-driven program is tailored to your unique abilities and objectives. Emphasizing Kettlebell training, metabolic intervals, and nutritional guidance, our coaches will inspire you to Push hard. Defy doubt. Find your Strength.

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Performance Program

Plaza Fitness Performance’s innovative, strength band performance program features hundreds of weekly classes. Classes are progressively ranked based on skills and individual proficiency.

Your journey starts with Kettlebell Foundations.

When you are ready, you’ll have the opportunity to test into the next level of classes. Not only will you have access to even more classes, your body will continue to be challenged, maximizing your fitness and performance.

Simply select 1, 2, or 3 classes per week and start seeing results.  Get Started Today!

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